Polytime, Efficient Programming, Site Launched

Finally got around to writing this vim buffer to a website :smile: .

It’s powered by Jekyll and inspired by Austin Traver’s wiki. The best thing about the site is I can use Markdown to author these posts meaning I can just port over a lot of my old notes!


Debugging weird c++ behavior

2 minute read

Sometimes you’ll have a program that seems to work but will produce a ton of Valgrind errors. You’ll get some fairly strange errors about invalid reads or co...

Scoping and this in c++

2 minute read

As a course producer for USC’s CSCI 104 students will often ask me questions about stuff I don’t know or didn’t think about. It makes me feel a little dumb f...

SQL Join Guide

3 minute read

I’m working on a project at my internship right now that has helped me learn a lot about SQL, mainly through making some stupid mistakes. This article focuse...

Redis Basics

4 minute read

The name redis comes from RE mote DI ctionary S torage, which is a good description of what redis is: a fast, key-value data structure. Redis is an in-memory...

Using the name variable in Python

1 minute read

When writing modules in python, it’s nice to test individual components. You can always add some messy test cases at the bottom of your code but, of course, ...

Getting Help in Vim

less than 1 minute read

The :help command in Vim is possibly the most powerful one of all. I agree with Romain Lafourcade of this handy website about that.

Customizing your Bash prompt

2 minute read

Your terminal can be customized in several different ways including how your prompt appears. You can color code shell variables such as your username and dir...

Basic Bash Backup

less than 1 minute read

I spent most of early Saturday morning finishing up my backup scripts and debugging Bash. One could say I was, Bashing my head against the wall. No need to ...

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